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    Currently, we have produced a thickness of only 0.8 mm shaped magnesium alloy profiles, broadening the application……

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  • Mg bicycle frame

    Mg bicycle frame

    Bicycle Circle Mg bicycle

  • Mg wire

    Mg wire

    Mg wire6 Mg wire4

  • Mg sheet

    Mg sheet

    Mg sheet6 Mg sheet2

  • Mg bar

    Mg bar

    Mg bar4 Mg bar2

  • High Purity Magnesium

    High Purity Magnesium

    Mg profiles11 Mg profiles7

  • Mg profiles

    Mg profiles

    Mg pipe4 Mg pipe2

  • Mg Al tray

    Mg Al tray

  • Extrusion Anode Rod

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    Project a land of 110 acres, 100 million yuan investment, has now completed three alloy production lines, ……

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    Magnesium Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. Ming Henan Jinshan Industrial Zone located in Hebi City, Henan Province……

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  • Chinese magnesium Fair ---- bett2015-12-08
    6th China (Hebi) Magnesium application of new products and technology exposition on September 10 as scheduled. Henan……
  • Ming magnesium strategic partner2015-12-08
    King Pictured Wuxi Industrial Design Co., Ltd., chairman Jean-Claude Huan Ming magnesium technology demonstration in……
  • General magnesium wire technolog2015-12-08
    Magnesium alloy wire Profile

    Magnesium alloy wire is used to solve a variety of wrought magnesium alloy and magne……
  • So that "Chinese magnesium vall2015-11-27
    Early 1990s, with rich dolomite resources in this unique advantage, the city became the magnesium industry started e……
  • North and South America, vice pr2015-11-27
    May 31, US vice president of the North-South cards Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Niu Zhiwen University Professor ……
  • Henan Ming magnesium was awarded2015-11-27
    September 23, 2015, the Ninth China SME Festival was officially opened in Changchun. Government, business elites an……
  • Civil-military integration, Buil2015-11-27
    September 10 to 12, the sixth Chinese magnesium application of new products and technology exposition held in Hebi. ……
  • Magnesium Magnesium Technology C2015-11-27
    Henan Ming Magnesium Magnesium Technology Ltd. was established in February 2012, it is located in Hebi City, Henan P……
  • Magnesium Magnesium Technology C2015-11-27
    When May 25, the reporter went to this hotel in Jinshan Industrial Park, Hebi National Economic and Technological ……
  • Technology Future fly - Ming Mag2015-11-27
    Magnesium industry is encouraged by the state industry, a high-tech production and processing of non-ferrous mate……
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  • Mingmei Tech

    Henan Mingmei Magnesium Technology Ltd. was established in February 2012, is located in Hebi, Henan Province Economic and Technological Development Zone, the registered……

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    万博体育ManBetX网页版_新万博体育官网y_万博体育手机登录网页. through the introduction of three national intellectual……


    Magnesium alloy magnesium as a raw material is lightweight, high-performance structural materials, proportion and plastic similar stiffness, strength less than aluminum.